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Towers of Serenity/Sphere's/Pyramids Beautiful Functional Art


OrgoneIAM Serenity Obelisks

These towers come in 9" OR 13" OR 20" tall, filled with Orgone Technology and the top infused with gemstones or sacred geometry (Flower of Life).
These are handmade one of a kind pieces.
Our Orgone products are made by us, each piece filled with intentions of protection, well being and love.  Each piece is layer with lots of quartz crystal and metals.
Orgone is scientifically proven to dispel harmful EMF, Radiation caused by electronics such as: Microwaves Cell Phones, Blue Tooth and Wireless Devices.
Orgone also balances the ionic atmosphere protecting you from positive ion surges caused from being surrounded by electrical wiring throughout offices, houses and buildings; in walls floors and ceilings.

These Towers will turn all negative frequencies to positive that come in contact with it. The Tower reaches over a 400' radius all the way around the tower


OrgoneIAM Pyramids

These pyramids come in a variety of colors. The base is approx 3 3/8" and approx 2" tall. These are standard size orgone pyramids and have a protective radius of about 25-30 feet around them.
Starting at $40.00
Free shipping in U.S.


OrgoneIAM Spheres

Assorted size/colors spheres, filled with orgone energy technology.
These beautiful spheres protect you from harmful EMF, radiation from cell phones, wireless devices, microwaves & blue tooth by dispelling the frequencies through the layers of metal and quartz crystal matrix.
These spheres also balance the Ionic Atmosphere, promote healing and positive vibrations.
Each Sphere is hand crafted and set with intentions of healing, protection, peace and love. These are a great meditation tool and Reiki Energy Healers tool as orgone will enhance intentions and promote  healing, Orgone stops radiation exposure allowing the blood to flow in harmony and allow the healing without resistance.
**Prices vary please see individual products for pricing.

Starting at $60.00
Free shipping in U.S.


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