The Ravens Nest
Herbal & Holistic Remedies


Welcome to Stardust Blessings makers of OrgoneIAM Orgone Energy Products. We have created this site to bring you the best of products we use and believe in.

We have set up accounts with many talented local vendors in the Northeast dedicated to making amazing products. We have gathered a line of holistic products that we have used, approve of their effectiveness and are made organic/nonGMO. We have also found talented artists to share their creations here.

Please share our site and browse our online store. You won't be disappointed!

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Michele & Tina

Lizard Skin Clothes-Apparel


The Wolves Den
Bags, Tapestries and more


Bat Cave
Crystal Skulls Wands Spheres
Metaphysical Tools

Elephants Trunk Jewelry, Orgone Pendants


Clearance Items


The Eagles Talon
Orgone Towers


The Woodpeckers Tree
Handmade/ Wood Carved Products



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