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Stardust Blessings Viking Knit Necklaces

Starting at $25.00
Free shipping in the U.S.


Stardust Blessings Bracelets

Hand crafted bracelets with several different designs and charms to choose from.
Buddha, Hamsa Hand, Sun/Moon, Tree of Life, OM, Yin Yang, Fairies.

4 for $10.00
Free Shipping in U.S.

OrgoneIAM Pendants

Full line of Orgone Energy pendants, each hand made with intentions of well being, peace, harmony, protection.
Huge selection of hand painted one of a kind pendants as well as staple pendants with pictures; Tree of Life, Meditation, Flower of Life, Chakra.

Too many designs to list please browse our inventory.
Free shipping in U.S.



Stardust Blessings Charm Necklaces

Large assortment of Necklaces with a charm. We sell our necklaces in packs of four.

4 for $10.00
Free shipping in U.S


Stardust Blessings Assorted Charms

Assorted selection of charms our charms come in packs of 12.

3 packs for $10.00
Free Shipping in U.S.



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