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Michele & Tina the owners of Stardust Blessings began this company in a basement in Newburgh NY making Orgone Energy pendants. Michele’s research lead her to Wilhelm Reich, the scientist which discovered Orgone Energy and performed various experiments with it.

Fascinated with the technology the girls wanted to buy Orgone, unfortunately at the time Orgone was expensive and the funds were just not available. As luck would have it or maybe the girls manifestation came into physical, Michele was given a piece of Orgone from a friend. As the girls took turns wearing it they noticed a huge difference in energy and even a noticeable difference with aches and pains becoming nonexistent. This discovery intrigued them enough to take a loan out and buy supplies to begin making and experimenting with Orgone Energy.

The process to learn and tweak to perfection both in function and beauty took well over a year! Michele & Tina wanted to keep the price of the Orgone affordable to anyone so they sought out bargains to pass along to their customers. They began selling to local shops (who are still on our affiliates page) and then eBay. The girls began to get so busy they had a hard time keeping up with demand. Today they operate a full shop stocked with molds, gemstones, herbs and garnishes for their art, energy creations. They have become experts in creating, explaining, expanding and doing further research with Orgone.
The girls named their Orgone: OrgoneIAM as they both were deeply focused on the “I Am” affirmations and meditations. OrgoneIAM is made with nontoxic Jewelry Grade Epoxy, each piece is made by Michele and Tina with healing, protection and love frequency intentions. The crystals and gemstones are cleansed with salt water and left in the Sun/Moon cycle to charge for 3 full cycles. The Shop is filled with gemstones, crystals, plants and of course our fur babies spend a lot of time in there as well in the relaxing atmosphere with classical music in play 12-14 hours a day!

OrgoneIAM has come a long way in 4 years and keeps getting better. Here is a video of our OrgoneIAM in action:


The girls had a lot of encouragement from all who surrounded them, they give away as much orgone as they sell. The girls expanded the business to Herbal/Holistic Remedies they have found to be effective; also metaphysical tools, Apparel and D├ęcor they use and love. Michele & Tina do various Expo’s in the Northeast and always have great products at great prices. Please visit Stardust Blessings on Facebook for events, reviews, coupon codes and specials going on every month!
OrgoneIAM is now sold worldwide, if interested in wholesale packages or bulk please contact Tina at stardust_blessings@yahoo.com OrgoneIAM offers amazing prices for wholesale and are always interested in barter as well.

Stardust Blessings stands behind every product sold to have shown effectiveness and quality. All OrgoneIAM products are guaranteed for life, if anything breaks for any reason you simply contact us to return and we will fix or replace your product forever.

Please take a moment and read the following Orgone Energy information as it contains the science behind our product:

The Science behind Orgone Technology: we have been seeing many dealers pop up selling their "versions" of Orgone that are not based on true science. 

Orgone technology was discovered back in the 30's - 40's by Dr. Wilhelm Reich it is "life energy" or "chi" All living things have this Orgone Energy!

The process established and known scientifically to enhance, create and amplify the life force energy entails using layers of metal and quartz crystal, the force of the epoxy curing against the metals & crystals engages at such a rate the crystals become electrically polarized! The metal and epoxy are scientifically proven to harness energy, being forced through this circuit of Metals and out through the crystals returns ALL negative energies and frequencies back to their purest state! **Example known to clean radiation from the surrounding energies.

The less layers and/or cubic cm; the smaller the field of Orgone Protection! Example a 5 gallon bucket of Orgone used in chembusters radiates 10-15 miles radius around; whereas a standard pyramid packed out will only radiate approx. 30 feet. A pendant may reach 6-8 feet in diameter. You cannot radiate the field of Orgone by any other means except to have larger amounts! All Pendants & Pyramids made with layer technique work about the same!
We have seen others claiming ridiculous fields that is not scientifically possible!

Expensive Orgone Pieces DOES NOT mean it is any better, the process is the same! Some charge more for art and beauty of their pieces but in general Pendants average between $20-$25 - Pyramids (medium size 3.5 base)should run between $40-$60. These are reasonable prices for what is put into them materials/labor.

Some Orgone Dealers use precious stones and metals; precious metals are not a game changer; precious metals are used as a sales pitch and justifies high prices of the Orgone...

Orgone can however radiate the frequency of gold & silver OR be used as the metal to engage the crystals. BUT it is not necessary and does not make "stronger" or "more powerful" Orgone!

Gem Stones and Herbs added to the Orgone are an asset to your surrounding frequencies as gemstones and herbs are amplified on a vibrational level. Also they are not needed to create Orgone Protection only an added asset.
Orgone packed out with gem stones or herbs in abundance tend to break the Orgone Circuit not allowing it to work properly!
This information can be found throughout the internet, brilliant scientists such as Don Kroft and Dr DeMayo have extensive information & research regarding Orgone Energy and are the top Orgone specialists in todays world.
Our technology and process has been created & driven by Dr Wilhelm Reich's discoveries and furthered by Kroft and DeMayo's studies and experiments.

Please be careful when choosing your Orgone and look for the layers and/or crystals wrapped in wire to be sure they are authentic!
Unfortunately people derive at different conclusions and create their own versions that are not compatible with Science research and fact.

We hope this helps you to recognize true orgone technology and choose your brand or pieces with some basic knowledge.

Thank you for your interest in Stardust Blessings makers of OrgoneIAM
Love & Blessings Always,

Tina & Michele

Michele & Tina



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